Visiting a Piece of My Heart

Hovde House

Hovde House
We all give our heart away to various people and things throughout our journey in life. I gave my heart away almost 5 years ago when I married my sweet husband, Craig. But last August I lost a piece of my heart to a place and a people that I never expected. The beautiful children at the Hovde House in Huánuco, Perú. I’ll never get it back…I can only go visit it now.

I went on my first service trip to serve these precious people because I was intrigued about what the Hovde Foundation was doing. The Hovde Foundation has houses around the world that serve the most vulnerable populations in those areas. In Huánuco, Perú, the Hovde House is a place of spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery for children (mostly young girls) who have been physically and sexually abused. It really is an amazing organization and the work the foundation and employees do every day to help these girls recover from some of the most horrific experiences is amazing. Learn more about the Hovde Foundation and the Hovde House in Perú here:

Last year was my first ever service trip and it was the inaugural trip for Journey Church to Huánuco, Perú and the Hovde House. Our purpose was to do whatever they needed us to do. Last year that meant helping to build a roof over the laundry area for the girls and putting new paint up in the individual houses. This type of work helps the employees focus on the crucial task of helping these sweet children recover from sexual abuse and to work with their partner organization, Paz y Esperanza, to bring justice to the perpetrators of these awful crimes.

We also had the exciting opportunity to love on the children because they were out of school for a national holiday. This was the most special part of the trip. I don’t speak very much Spanish, but I learned very quickly that the only language you really need is the language of love. They just want to know that someone loves them. And how I love them so. I never thought I could love someone that I just met. But I can and I did. My heart overflowed with love for these children. It hurt. It still hurts. It hurts because there is nothing I can do to take away what happened to them, but I want to. I wish I could change it. But all I can do now is love them. And that is why I must go back.

A fantastic group from Journey Church is returning this coming August to continue our work. I am so very excited and blessed to be going back. And I’m extra excited because Craig is traveling with me. I can’t wait to share this life changing experience with him and to see how it changes his life. We want you to join us on this journey. I will be updating this blog with my thoughts and plans as we prepare to travel. Please follow our journey here. You can also help us prepare by praying for our entire group as we get ready to go. Finally, if you feel led, we would be honored for you to partner with us financially on this journey. Between the two of us, we must raise $3,800 by the end of May. I know God will provide. He is always faithful. If you would like to contribute, there are a couple of ways you can do this. First, you can send a check to Journey Church (made payable to Journey Church) with mine and Craig’s name referencing the Peru trip in the memo line. The address is:
Journey Church
15711 Brookway Dr
Huntersville, NC 28078

You can also give online via PayPal using the below link. This will link directly to the account that is set up for Craig and me:

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